1º Passo.
1st Step in Architecture

Criar uma estrutura “plasticamente” mutável que permita ao habitante da cidade redescobrir sensações e estímulos há já muito tempo dispersas do espaço.

Imaginemo-nos no primeiro ambiente onde o Homem habitou, a floresta, e reparamos que a descoberta de espaço, a marcação de fronteiras, era feita através do desvio, corte ou deslocação de elementos que a pouco e pouco criavam espaços, caminhos onde o primeiro homem vivia e convivia em comunidade.

No fundo a proposta, pretende recuperar uma essência há já muito perdida na civilização actual, a de descobrir espaço “em directo” institivamente.

Building a structure that can be changed by citizens, allowing them do rediscover sensations and stimulus that were lost ,or forgotten, by city inhabitants. Imagine ourselves in the first man´s environment, the forest, and observe that the space achievement was made by, cutting, shifting or moving elements to create spaces, squares or paths to live and grow in community. The proposal, seeks to recover an issue lost, a very long time ago by the current civilization. The conquer of space instinctively. In fact, the issue of the sensibility as changed during the last decades, because of the development of society behavior at the same time as the economics and cultural architecture advances. The social behavior in the city, has evolve from the tactile perception to optical sensibility, and from individual to collective. Outdoors, newspapers, TV and signage, they all obey to several general codes, that aim to reach more public; Motivating a conditioned and automatic collective conduct, formatting the individual behavior as it self. From all scales, World, Country, City, Street and houses, there is an uniformity of signage and canons. Since the automobile to the Ikea furniture, the individual is induced to build its universe exactly the same as his neighbor. This performance is not designed for a special place, but as an Object that can work in every city space, since a small street to an open wide garden. The Object, is a mix between two materials, pine wood and tennis net. We conceive a solid pine wood structure wrapped with the net, both the exterior and interior wall, wishing to create a haywire space. Conceptually the idea was to build a corridor where the individual can feel puzzled, and try to find is way out by playing with the net wall, creating a brand new space every time the net moves.
Pedro Pinto Correia 
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